Saturday, April 2, 2011

What's With Djokovic?

As it stands as I write, Novac Djokovic is 24-0 for the 2011 Pro Tennis Season!

A steady Number 3 in the world for the last few years, he has now past Federer to be Number 2 and most think he is playing the best tennis of anyone right now (though Nadal's 3,2 work-over of Federer in the Miami Semi's might argue that).

Djokovic is a beautiful all court player. His childhood coach strictly taught him using "old-school" tennis values and an all-court game that he has nicely refined into a terrific modern game but with old-school touches.

If you have watched any of his recent matches you will have heard the commentators (with whom I don't always agree) comment on his great defense and the way he just wears down his opponents.

There is nothing worse than having someone in your face all the time. Hitting a quality shot and it just comes back and back and back.  In the beginning of a match it isn't too bad, but over time, as one tires, frustration sets in and close behind, unforced errors.

Does this remind you of anyone?

For one, that is exactly the way Rafa plays too, as pointed out in my last post. Roger, "in his day" was the same, but perhaps a bit flashier, but still his ability to stay in a point had the same wearing down affect.

Pretty much this philosophy of play that has taken virtually every player that has been #1 to #1 for as long as I have been in tennis and I would be willing to bet all those before my time as well.

Steadiness wins....This is what we do, if you have been following along.

Your observations, as always are welcome and edifying.  Thank you all!!

Food Drive

Again this year our neighbors on Maui are in need and our Debra Lordan Editor of the Maui Weekly Newspaper has made us a drop-off spot for food for the Maui Food Bank.

She tells me that we are tops on her list of drop-off points the last couple of drives and I hope we can keep that honor.

I am told that all items of food are welcome, but the most needed are those in food containers that don't require an opener as many of the recipients are homeless and don't possess such things.

Please be as generous as possible...Thank you so much!!